Prayers Connect is primarily run by a community of volunteers. Our volunteers are from many countries. We welcome volunteers from any walk of life.

Tech Stacks

Front End/MobileBackendInfrastructure/Automation
React Native
Ruby on Rails
Kubernetes (DigitalOcean)
AWS (Lambda, CloudFront, S3)
Azure (CI/CD)
GitHub Actions

Experienced Professionals

Prayers Connect is always open to receiving volunteering from experienced professionals. As an experienced professional, you can directly contribute in matters, including but not limited to, Frontend Development, Mobile Development, DevOps, etc. Also, there are ample opportunities to coach and mentor young individuals who are aspiring to either step into IT and/or gain skills and experience. We understand that experienced professionals are busy, hence, would love to discuss a potential arrangement, however, some generic requirements are as follows.

  • A passion/interest for technology benefiting human lives especially reducing the digital divide
  • Weekly 2-15 hours of time on average on a regular basis. More hours are expected from entry-level professionals however, we’re open to discussing any accommodation you need.
  • Computer and internet connection

Check out our internship program for new/aspiring professionals.