Hej Danmark! Discover Your Faith Thru Prayers Connect!

Hello Europe, Prayers Connect Extends its Reach to Denmark!

The international journey of Prayers Connect began a couple of years ago. Keeping that continuity, Prayers Connect has set foot in the European country of Denmark, which is one of the milestones for Prayers Connect. From now on, the people of the Muslim community in Denmark will be able to easily find their nearest mosque through Prayers Connect.

Services Given By Prayers Connect :

Example of Mosque Discovery: 

InshaAllah, in the coming days, Prayers Connect will expand its activities to many more countries in the world.

Who Are We?

We’re Prayers Connect, a nonprofit group from the United States. Our mission is to help Muslims everywhere connect and grow in their faith. We’ve already reached and benefitted Muslims in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and many parts of Europe, and now we’re excited to be in Denmark.

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