6 Famous Mosques in France

1. The Grande Mosquée de Paris

The Grande Mosquée de Paris is the largest mosque in France and the second-largest Mosque in Europe. It is the most beautiful, splendid, and magnificent of them all. The mosque attracts visitors with a captivating historic heritage, making it an irresistible destination.

This greatest mosque was built in 1926 after World War I as a symbol of France’s gratitude to Muslim soldiers. It was constructed to honor the sacrifice of about 100,000 soldiers from the colonies who died in the fight against Germany. The mosque was later entrusted to Algeria in 1957 and is currently under the supervision of Mufti Dalil Boubakeut.

The most incredible fact about the history of the Great Mosque of Paris is that it provided shelter to the Jews during the Holocaust and also supplied them with Muslim identity certificates. It is estimated that 500-1600 North African and European Jews were saved from Nazi persecution in the Mosque.

2. The Elegant Strasbourg Mosque

The peak of elegance, Strasbourg Mosque was inaugurated in September 2012. Situated on the bank of the Ill River in the Heyritz area, south of the Grande Île, is a great piece of attraction for people because of its unusual architectural form.

The building of the Mosque is highly praised for its inventive design boasting a breathtaking open layout devoid of conventional support columns. This creative concept draws inspiration from the cutting-edge cable systems employed in suspension bridges. This masterpiece was designed by Paolo Portoghesi, the creative mind behind Rome’s iconic Mosque.

3. The Grand Mosque of Lyon

The unique and best part of the Grand Mosque of Lyon is that it is a blend of Persian and Maghrebi influences inserted into a modern concept. The expansive windows allow the streaming of natural light which imparts a sense of profound peace and tranquility. Almost 3,000 people visit this hollowed place every week.

During the grand festivals of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, this sacred sanctuary warmly welcomes up to 8,000 devoted worshipers.

4. The Great Mosque Omar Ibn Al-Khattab in Paris

Located discreetly within the 11th arrondissement of Paris, you’ll find the Mosque of Omar Ibn Al Khattab. The mosque was built in the early 1980s, it may not boast the grandeur of the towering mosques of Lyon and Strasbourg, but it has carved a cherished niche as a beloved local gem in the heart of the French capital.

Sometimes, the Grand Mosque of Paris is quite busy because of the gathering of a large number of people, so this mosque gives a feeling of comfort and peace. The interior design of this Mosque represents a typical Islamic culture with attractive carpets and dignified columns proudly displaying a wealth of books that could keep even the most dedicated reader busy for a lifetime.

5. The Khaled ibn El Walid mosque

Located in the Givors in Eastern France, The Khalid Ibn El Walid Mosque might be a recently built mosque. This beautiful mosque was inaugurated in 2013, but it still displays architectural characteristics. After the grand Mosque of Lyon, it is considered the second largest mosque of Rhone.

The most striking feature of this mosque is its impressive huge green dome that captures the eyes and the heart. Almost 1400 Muslims visit this mosque to pray every week. In addition, it is also a spot of interest for some tourists of the region.

6. Lyon’s Duchère Mosque: A Place of Tranquility

Lyon’s Duchère Mosque is a recently constructed mosque in Lyon that can accommodate up to 900 worshippers. It was crafted with a visionary touch inspired by the concept of skyscrapers while adorned with cascading columns of windows to inspire a sense of serene and luminous quality.

Beyond a sacred place of worship, this great mosque boasts eight classrooms to offer Arabic and religious classes.

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