Prayers Connect Expands Global Reach with New Language Translations

Prayers Connect, known for seamlessly connecting Muslims to local mosques, is broadening its horizons by introducing translations to its platform, The introduction of French, as the first of many languages, signifies a major step towards making the site more accessible to a diverse global audience.

Embracing Language Diversity at Prayers Connect

The Importance of Translations

Reaching a Wider Audience: The initiative to translate Prayers Connect into multiple languages stems from a commitment to serve the global Muslim community. By offering the website in different languages, Prayers Connect aims to be more inclusive and accessible to Muslims around the world, regardless of their native language.

Choosing French as the Starting Point

Recognizing the French Muslim Community: The decision to start with French translation is driven by the substantial presence and importance of the Muslim community in France within the European region. This move acknowledges and respects the linguistic needs of French-speaking Muslims.

Future Language Additions

Expanding Linguistic Frontiers: Prayers Connect plans to include additional languages such as Arabic, German, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Turkish in the coming months, insha-Allah. This expansion strategy is geared towards accommodating the diverse linguistic preferences of Muslims globally.

Community Involvement in Translations

Inviting Community Participation: We are not native to all languages and we understand in our journey we may make unintentional errors despite our well-intention & using cutting-edge technologies. We believe we can make meaningful translations with the help of the native speakers. Hence, Prayers Connect welcomes contributions from the community for translating and verifying content in various languages. This collective effort ensures that the translations are accurate and resonate with users in different parts of the world. Please reach out to get involved.

Looking Forward to A Multilingual Platform for All

The addition of language translations at Prayers Connect is a strategic move to embrace the diversity within the Muslim community. This enhancement is not just about adding new languages; it’s about connecting more deeply with Muslims worldwide by acknowledging and respecting their linguistic diversity. As Prayers Connect continues to add more languages, it reinforces its mission to be a universally accessible resource for finding mosques and Islamic resources.

Stay connected with for upcoming language updates and learn how you can contribute to this inclusive and expanding global initiative.

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